Prior to applying for any finance, firstly do your homework! And never be afraid to ask too many questions.

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us so we can help in finding the right finance for you...

What loans are on offer at EZY CAR LOANS?

Good question… To be frank, any sort of loan. Consumer Loans, Novated Leases, Corporate Hire Purchase, Consumer Leases, Consumer Loans with residuals, Commercial Leases, Commercial Loans with residuals, Chattel Mortgages - basically any vehicle loan you request we can deliver. To save you a lot of wasted time organising finance separately, at EZY CAR LOANS your entire vehicle deal can all be in house. Confirming our total customer commitment.

Can I insure my vehicle at EZY CAR LOANS?

Comprehensive insurance on your vehicle if under finance is a legal requirement. We have a range of insurers at our disposal so organising comprehensive cover for your new car is yet another product we can offer in house.

What about if I get sick… disabled… and can't work?

Once again we can offer certain insurance that help protect an unforeseen situation. We call these insurances Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) that can help protect you in the event of death, disability or even unemployment. Like any insurance all premiums are added to the finance package and do have conditions.

Please note CCI is an optional insurance.

I have heard about insurance companies not covering the total payout to the finance company in the event of my vehicle being written off - does this happen?

Yes, this situation is called GAP and is no fault of your comprehensive insurer. It doesn't matter if your insurance policy is for a market or an agreed value a gap between what you owe on your finance contract, and what you are paid in the event of a write off can be two totally different amount. Subsequently a GAP insurance was introduced that takes care of this shortfall and yes, it can be added to your finance contract if you decide. Like both Comprehensive and CCI insurance, conditions can apply to GAP. Feel free to discuss any of out insurances with one of our loans officers when you visit the dealership or alternatively over the phone.

Please note GAP is an optional insurance.

Get pre-approved over the phone?

Think about this? Call one of our loans officers and have your finance approved before shopping for your new vehicle. What a great feeling to actually shop with confidence, knowing your loan is approved and you have money ready to spend - all with one telephone call. If you want to make your dream vehicle a reality, pick up the phone and dail 1300 655 445 (local charge) or feel free to utilise our online application facility, in the comfort of your home or office.

I've decided to start looking for a new vehicle, what do I need to bring to make an application for finance?

Our finance application and approval process is really simple. When you visit us, bring along the following original articles* and your application can be assessed in a flash.

· recent pay-slips (one is OK, but provide two if possible)
· your current driver's licence
· rate notice if you're buying your own home OR a rental receipt if you're renting
· a bill addressed to you, confirming your current address


*Our loans officers will need to sight original articles, not copies. We will need to obtain copies of the above ourselves.

That's it - it's that simple. The entire application takes around ten minutes and approvals obtained in most instances with one hour to approved purchases.

For commercial applications we require all of the above excluding pay-slips. Additionally we will require the following.

· personal tax returns and a recent profit and loss statement

Please note. Commercial applications may on occasions be approved with bank statements confirming affordability. This isn't a common practice however all applications are assessed on their own merits. This may be particularly the case where the business or company is a new venture. Deposit ratios in both consumer and commercial deals may also apply however once again each application is assessed on its own merits.